Arduino DC 12V PIC16F877A PIC Minimum System Development Board Emulator JTAG ICSP Program Minimum System Microcontroller Module

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Manual: Click here to openThis product is a high cost PIC microcontroller development board, USB and external 12V DC power supply, provides ICSP download debugging interface with PIC-Circuit Debugger (PICKit2ICD2, etc.), or the programmer (K149K150, etc.) to facilitate the for program debugging, downloading. Completely independent of the IO port design, compatible with a variety of models, various DIP Series package MCU. PIC877A board development board has a wealth of resources that will catch PIC microcontrollers internal resources, you can get the full learning applications. Freedom with the MCU peripheral circuit design, the user can be used to implement various experiments. By PIC877A development board learning applications, as well as on the development board schematics and incidental learning reference routines, each routine has done a detailed notes, from the simple to the complex layers of depth. Users can easily and convenient to master PICs internal resource utilization and system software developmentFeatures:- An external 12V power supply; also USB powered;- Onboard there MAX3232 chip, do serial communication experiment;- board provides 5V and 3.3V voltage;8bit light water experiment;LCD interface, with 12,864;LCD Interface with 1602;- With two DS18B20 temperature sensor interface;- With an integrated infrared receiver, to do remote control experiments;- left ISP download port;Onboard with 6M crystal;- CPU all the IO ports and power VCC, 3.3V, GND are outside t

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